Monday, May 6, 2013

Apologies and Forgiveness

We as people have a tendency to want to gloss over conflict. This is something I have been greatly struck by over the last few months, especially in the church. I find I am unfortunately sometimes more willing to reason and logic away the things I've done wrong than go through the work to have a dialogue with the person or people I've wronged. In my time in the church I have also noticed that the institution of the church tends to be pretty crummy at this as well. As such, the idea for this video was born.
In the way of love, this hardly scratches the surface, but my hope is that this becomes an invitation to conversation. Open up. Talk about how you've been hurt by the church, how individuals in the church may have wronged you. Not because we need to know, but because it may help you heal.


  1. I really appreciated the meaning behind this video. I think that even if it is a video that is only seen by Christians inside the church, it indeed is a conversation starter. The change that needs to take place doesn't begin with the people who have been hurt, put off, and or left the church, but the people that hurt, put off and push people out of the church. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hello, thanks this is wonderful to bring about an open dialogue for reconciliation and for forgiveness within the church. I have heard people judge "what is he doing in church", as if we aren't all sinners in need of the grace of God! Blessings see you Wednesday on Google + Lori

  3. We are called to live in a community that is counter-culture, and unlike any other organization in the world. Not a membership club, not a business, not an interest group. Our counter-culture is one of forgiveness, and being able to say - "that was hurtful" and "please forgive me" - a place of reconciliation. So often it doesn't feel that way, but it should always be how we try to approach life together in a community of faith. Good work! - Sharon